Frustrated of Slow Moving Traffic? Follow these tips to stop yourself from honking

Living in urban areas can suck, at times. Despite the convenience and modernity that these places reflect, no one can deny the frustration urban roads can cause in daily lives because of never ending traffic. If you are constantly thinking about your commute times during the day and get frustrated easily because of slow moving traffic, follow these tips to become a patient driver and give up your honking habit.

Find alternate routes: Prevention is better than cure. Though out of context, this statement can give cues on how to keep your honking habit in control. Instead of taking highways or main roads, you can search for alternative routes that have more chances of being less crowded at that time. You can make use of Google Maps to get information about alternative route and traffic conditions at those routes.

Try avoiding peak hour traffic: Instead of rushing, you should try leaving for your destination a bit early, say 30 minutes or so. When you will have time at your hand, you will be a more patient driver. Always try to avoid peak hour traffic if you commute daily from your home to office as the traffic at peak hours will always be slow and a test of your patience.

Take deep breaths or turn on the radio: If you are stuck in a traffic jam and you know harm has been done, instead of being frustrated, try calming yourself down by taking deep breaths and counting till 10. You can even try to change radio stations or connect your mobile to listen to your favorite tracks that can calm you down and help you in avoiding honking.

Consider installing a honk-rationing system like YHonk: Last but not the least, you should think of taking help of technology to cut down honking. Horn rationing systems like YHonk helps you in controlling your honking habit by giving you specific number of honks per months. When you know your honking is monitored, you will be more considerate towards using it and would focus on saving the honks for emergencies.


You can be the change you wish to see in the world. By transforming yourself, you can motivate others too. So before honking next time, think of these useful tips and make urban areas a bit silent. Also, to know more about impact of honking and YHonk, visit

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