Frustrated of Slow Moving Traffic? Follow these tips to stop yourself from honking

Living in urban areas can suck, at times. Despite the convenience and modernity that these places reflect, no one can deny the frustration urban roads can cause in daily lives because of never ending traffic. If you are constantly thinking about your commute times during the day and get frustrated easily because of slow moving traffic, follow these tips to become a patient driver and give up your honking habit.



How can Horn Rationing help in Reducing Noise Pollution?

Honking is a threat to natural peace that human body is accustomed to. When a person is subjected to noise for longer periods of time, he is prone to many dangerous health hazards- not a fresh fact. In fact, honking and urban noise have seen to cause hypertension, stress, migraine, etc. among the urban population in the recent times. Doctors’ advice keeping the noise limits under control for healthy growth of children in urban areas, too.



India’s No-honking Pledge: A far-fetched dream you can support

Honking is a menace for sure. Several studies and scientific papers have already been published in the world about the perils of honking on the physical and mental health of individuals. We have been already covering the perils due to honking in our previous posts such as this one. Still, not everyone is considerate enough to think about the cost of honking to the environment and nation.



Honk-free days: Why India needs an initiative like this?

The Delhi Govt. came up with a unique idea to curb air pollution in the country’s capital through odd-even rationing. When this initiative was conceptualized, many people questioned its effectiveness to curb air pollution. The efficacy of such an initiative is a topic of debate, but one thing that this odd even rationing accomplished is that it increased awareness about air pollution among masses.



Why Should Honking Be Completely Banned from India?

There is no doubt that honking is a menace to Indian roads and the society. People continue to indulge in increasing noise pollution on Indian roads despite knowing its severe health impacts. Already, people in India are inconsiderate towards honking and give all sorts of funny and unjustifiable reasons to honk. We collated some of their given reasons here. As honking is not justified by any valid reason in modern times and particularly does not give any positive benefit, we think it should be completely banned.



Effective Tips & Technologies to Reduce Honking on Indian Roads

Honking is termed as a necessary evil in India. The people who indulge in incessant honking talk lengths about the unacceptable attitudes of pedestrians and other vehicle owners to justify their honking habits. No-one is considerate about the menace of honking and how noise pollution is affecting normal lives in Indian cities.

According to this news source, almost 70% of noise pollution in an urban area is caused due to unnecessary honking. The World Health Organization has already categorized noise pollution as a health hazard that increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

There are a number of effective tips, suggestions and technologies that must be adopted and implemented in multiple phases to curb the menace of honking. Some of the things that can significantly improve the urban landscape in terms of noise pollution include:

Blanket ban on honking for a week: To understand the impact of honking and make people considerate about this cause, traffic authorities should impose blanket ban on honking in different areas for a specific number of days. Instead of penalizing the offenders, the traffic police should lecture them on the menace of honking and make them feel guilty by sticking witty stickers like ‘I was a fool to honk unnecessarily’. This will help in creating a mindset against honking in a particular area that can be spread over to larger territories through similar techniques.

Implementing laws & regulations on permissible sound levels: Though there are a number of laws on permissible sound levels, there should be stricter implementation. Decibel levels must be clearly outlined and effective monitoring should be done with the help of technology. Vehicle manufacturers must join hands with the government to limit the sound level of horns in their vehicles.

Awareness drives & punitive measures: Massive awareness campaigns should be conducted in different cities. Social media should be effectively utilized for such campaigns. Also, the sale of pressure horns, air horns and after-market horns that exceed the prescribed sound levels should be completely sealed. People who are found trading such horns should be heavily penalized. Cars should be monitored from time to time and special NPUC (Noise Pollution Under Control) regulation policy should be implemented.

Tech-powered solutions: Technology can be effectively utilized to control the menace of honking. YHonk has taken the first step towards curbing honking by employing modern technology through a tech-powered horn control system. By developing a revolutionary sensor and mobile app, YHonk helps in limiting thedaily horn usage by a vehicle owner.


Honking should be curbed and a step should be taken in the right direction. By joining hands with initiatives such as YHonk, you can also show your support towards a honk-free and peaceful India. Know more about YHonk and why honking is a menace at


Horn Not OK, Please… STOP HONKING!


Anywhere we go, we find one or another commercial vehicle- truck/bus/trailer, plastered with this message at the back panel- “Horn OK Please”. These commercial vehicles propagate honking on roads and expect the following vehicle to horn before it can overtake these or to demand a pass. It is a customary gesture for drivers of trucks and commercial vehicles to honk incessantly till the other vehicle do not gives them way. And they expect the same from others, too. But is blowing horn really OK and necessary in current context?

Why honking is not acceptable?

According to various studies conducted from time to time, it is now a proven fact that rising levels of noise due to traffic in urban areas have contributed significantly to increased anxiety and stress levels. WHO recommends the limit of 30 decibels for a sound sleep at night. But due to incessant honking on Indian roads, silence of such level has become a distant dream in urban areas. According to this article published in a journal, the road traffic noise in India is even considered more than noise created due to industries and construction.

Central Pollution Control Board’s data shows that traffic noise on an Indian street averages over 100 decibels on a normal day. And honking is a significant contributor to the rising traffic noise on Indian roads. In such a competitive environment where every individual is pressured to prove his/her worth, honking is taking away the much needed peace in lives, without any visible benefit. How many times you have noticed the positive impact of honking to clear traffic? We bet not more than single digits. So, why to take away the mental peace of thousands of commuters and localities that are already suffering from high noise pollution due to other factors too- loudspeakers, construction, industries, etc.

The first step to control honking… YHonk!

In the current context, honking can never be justified and should not be promoted, like the trucks on Indian roads do. It is essential that people with low awareness are enlightened about the ill effects of honking on health and mental peace and everyone should come forward with innovative steps to curb noise pollution.

We have taken the first step by introducting YHonk- one of its kind device and app powered solution to control honking on Indian roads. Now it is upon you to make your move and help us in raising awareness about this serious problem that is affecting every life in this country. Do explore our website and let us know what you think about YHonk and our initiative.


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