Honk-free driving, stress-free life: The mantra to peaceful living

How many of you have felt the impact of stress in your lives? We would assume that most of the people, no matter what age, experience stress and have had hard times coping with it. No matter how many classes we take, how many self-help books we read or meditation sessions we attend, we are never quite happy about our lives. Do you know why? Because of the inner as well as outer noise that surrounds us from day till night.

Think of it, once. Don’t you feel peace when you are a vacation in some natural surroundings? Definitely yes. Though lack of monotonous routine is a reason to feel relaxed while on a vacation, absence of city-noise is also a major factor. According to Psychology Today, long exposure to noise causes stress and one cannot work with full attention or concentration in a noisy environment.

Giving up honking: your first step to kick stress out

A major noise-causing factor is vehicular honking in metro cities. If you wish to change the world and make your own life more peaceful, you would first have to change your own habits. If you are a habitual honker, you should try giving up this habit and you will surely see miraculous results in your own life. If majority of us give up honking voluntarily, there would be less noise, leading to lesser stress in our own lives. So, before honking next time, think once that your honk will surely become the reason for someone’s headache and stress.

Motivating people to embrace the change you desire

Merely giving up honking yourself would not work to fulfill the larger objective of making people’s life peaceful. Once you have given up your habit, you should ask your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to give up their honking habit, voluntarily. You can conduct a meeting in your residential society to talk about collective drive to make your residential area a honk-free zone. This will have a positively drastic impact on your standard of living and will surely bring down stress levels for everyone around.


Seeking mental peace is not really hard if you are determined to do something about it. By giving up honking and motivating others for it, you will surely see how life transforms for the better. Instead of just thinking about making your life peaceful, be the reason for someone’s peaceful life and see how the karma will reward you with immense peace for sure.


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Why is honking not only a menace for humans, but for animals too?

Honking is a worldwide menace. No questions should be asked about the problems honking is posing for urbanites all around the globe. But apart from just this aspect, honking has another significant impact on the nature and animals. Not only does honking impact human health but the health of animals, too.

Rising Noise Levels: A Cause for Concern

In urban centers, there has been a rising concern about the disappearance of many bird species. Though not talked much about, it is a common notion that the rising noise levels have made birds move to other areas that are more peaceful. Apart from birds, honking has a great impact on the life of pets as well as animals living near highways, too. According to a research in the USA, prairie dogs- a social animal species became more violent over the years when exposed to road noise caused due to honking at highways.



Why Should Honking Be Completely Banned from India?

There is no doubt that honking is a menace to Indian roads and the society. People continue to indulge in increasing noise pollution on Indian roads despite knowing its severe health impacts. Already, people in India are inconsiderate towards honking and give all sorts of funny and unjustifiable reasons to honk. We collated some of their given reasons here. As honking is not justified by any valid reason in modern times and particularly does not give any positive benefit, we think it should be completely banned.



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